Sridhar is an Indian Chartered Accountant who spent over 26 years in Bahrain as the CEO of a large, listed company. Sridhar provide best Custom Pencil Portrait.

Art has been his passion since childhood and his house has a beautiful gallery exhibiting his 400+ art pieces, featuring political leaders, writers, actors, friends, and relatives. Over the years, this talent has turned into a business idea.

You can now order handmade customized portraits of your loved ones. Upload any picture you want and entrap those sweet memories forever.

The distinct black & white contrast from a hb or charcoal pencil enhances the beauty of the person. Made with two hands and one heart, a personal work of art is irreplaceable and the only one of its kind.

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Client’s Feedback


Prime Minister of India

Union Minister of State & Former Chief of the Army Staff (India) General VK Singh

Presented PM. Modiji’s portrait to Gen. VKSingh during his Bahrain visit, who was kind enough to reach it to the PM.

C.L. Sharma

I never assumed that someone can give this much personalised gift. I’m really happy and excited after seeing my sketch. Thank you CA. S Sridhar for your valuable time and priceless efforts. You are a gentleman with golden heart.

Your art is also incredible like you. This is so live that it took me to my past days. I would like to thank you from bottom of my heart for this best and wonderful birthday gift.

I pray to God that he shower his grace on you and fulfil all your desires. Best wishes for your bright future.

Sanjay Gupta

Sridhar’s pencil sketches are incredibly realistic and very popular among the community in Bahrain. He is an amazing human being with golden heart. I am truly elated to get my pencil sketch done by Sridhar. Wishing him success in everything he does.

Vivek Kapoor

The joy of a handcrafted and customised gift is Immense and the joy doubles when you receive the gift from the artist himself. Sridhar’s art has been applauded across countries and his ability to sketch the last detail of any picture on paper is unmatchable. I recommend people to use this rare opportunity extended by Sridhar to the people at large through his website and collect as many rare gifts for your family and friends, the joy of which will be everlasting and rare.

Meenakshi Sundaram

Sridhar is unassumingly successful yet humble. Sridhar is like the protagonist in KBalachander movie’s Kalki character, self made. He can play Tabla, learnt by himself. He can do amazingly beautiful sketches and painting, again learnt by himself. He is a perfect example what one can achieve with sustained efforts. He is also a great humorous speaker and writer. A Chartered Accountant, worked as CEO of a top company in Bahrain. But the best part of Sridhar is that he is very humble and simple human being who wins over everyone and every situation with a smile.
Btw, if you have not got your portrait done by Sridhar yet, do it now by visiting his website.

Uday Shanbhag

Sridhar is an amazing artist with a knack for realism. His passion and love towards his art are clearly seen through his meticulous pieces of art. I was filled with utter joy and left speechless when he presented me a drawing of my portrait for my birthday which truly showed his dedication. His works continue to inspire me and are an absolute delight always.

Karthik Jagannathan

For a person who has been blessed with bringing what he sees on paper – “thathroopam” could be an understatement. I was mighty surprised and I literally jumped in joy when Sridhar presented me with my portrait for my birthday in 2019. Looking forward to see many more portraits and pictures (Rameswaram Temple is a stand out) from him.


Sridhar is an artist known for his sketch work, most of it inclined towards real life portraits of famous personalities, celebraties, his friends and people around him. He is a class of his own when it comes to the use of pencil and charcoal shades and excels equally in using watercolour in landscaping and in drawing temple structures. Some of his artworks portraying scenes from villages and small towns in Tamil Nadu have been so realistic that any one could easily correlate them with their own experiences. In short he is a master artist.

Shyamala Ram

I have known Sridhar uncle for the past 24 years and hence he is like a father figure to me. Since my childhood, his drawings and sketches have been an inspiration to me which are marvelous and he does it with so much ease which makes everyone wonder . His drawings and portraits are so life-like that anyone who comes across would definitely be stunned. It was such a sweet and loving surprise to get my portrait sketched by uncle recently. I am indeed the lucky one amongst many to get this cherished memory . Thank you so much Sridhar uncle !

Sushil Jain

Apart from being an accomplished artist Mr Sridhar’s disciplined devotion to his passion, regardless of where he is and how is he placed in terms of time, speaks volumes about his passion for his drawings/ sketches. His sketches & drawings are always picture perfect.
I am astonished that his profession is a CA…..poles apart yet so matching.
May God always bless him.

Maheshkumar Narayan

Having seen Sridhar draw many portraits of friends and celebrities I too had a desire to get him make one for me. That desire became a reality when I received my portrait as birthday gift in 2019. I was humbled to get this memorable gift which he created with great attention to details. He and his artistic excellence will always remain close to my heart.